Buy a Phone Online or at the Mall?

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In the world of communications and consumer electronics, cell phones have become as common as Coca Cola. Of course Coca Cola has just a few flavors, while cell phone varieties are so varied it is hard to make sense of them. Not only does a consumer have to find the right phone he also has to decide whether to buy at the local mall or online.

Most consumers want something that will fit their needs, and the internet offers the opportunity for consumers to review the options and compare, all from the comfort of their living room.
At the same time physical “brick and mortar” carrier stores at the local mall have much to offer consumers.

Many still believe it is important to go to a physical store to compare and actually feel the cellular product in your hand but the question is can a consumer still get the best deal at the local mall or shopping center or does he lose out on the big savings with the limitations of a brick and mortar store. It isn’t so easy to find one store that offers phones from all the major carriers and all the leading manufacturers as well though Wallmart may be moving in this direction. But if one does go to the local mall usually all the carriers are there, each with kiosk and the customer can give each carrier store or kiosk a visit and actually get the opportunity to “touch and feel” many different cell phones in his hands. From Cingular to T-Mobile kiosks, to the new Sprint/Nextel stores and the Verizon Wireless shops and of course Radio Shack, and Wallmart. The advantages of shopping at the local mall for a cell phone can not be underestimated. With the proliferation of online cell phone stores in today’s market, there are many to choose from including Wirefly, Lets Talk and YouNeverCall.

Stores like these have become synonymous with quality service and accurate information in the cell phone industry. many of these online stores routinely offer phones at low prices. With hundreds of products for sale, and cell phone service plans with all the major carriers, these stores have become more popular on the web. Each store brings the vast world of wireless phones right up to the consumer so he can avoid the long line at the check-out counter not to mention crowded parking lots and traffic jams. On the other hand, shopping at the mall does have solid advantages that can’t be dismissed easily. Mostly it depends on the consumer’s personality and it is best to visit each of the carrier stores to get a “taste” of each and learn about the benefits and disadvantages of each. The same is true online, it is best to visit each of the online cell phone stores and research which one best suites your needs.

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