For those beginning an article you want to develop a subject as to what you’d like to write about and the side that you’re writing on, meaning if you are going to write like an observer or commenting on something. You want to keep your readers interested so make sure the flow of thought is interesting and not drawn on.

Introduce Your Topic

The introduction of your topic is very important when you are selecting your article. You want to get your reader wanting to read, so give them something to expect when reading the article. It could be your feelings or facts, as long as your introduction pulls people into the article and makes them want to continue reading you are developing a perfect introduction.

Understand the Present Situations

Once you begin thinking about how you are going to write your article think about what’s currently going on with that article topic. This will allow you to get a better feel of what you should write about. Try developing questions surrounding your article so you can go through expanding the information for yourself and your readers.

State Your Point of View

When it comes to writing your article go through all the positives and negatives that could impact your article even further. You want to have your own viewpoint on things and include this in amongst your article. You want to be able to explain yourself and how you are going to get past any set backs.


It can be difficult getting all those thoughts you have each day into words, but when you do its not going to be too hard. Follow some of the above tips and you’ll find yourself putting out more and more ideas into words for the world to see.